Water Coolers & Dispensers for Offices & Homes

Aquacool offer a wide range of Hot and Cold Water products determined by the number of users, and what style and type you desire. All of Aquacool’s water coolers provide you with a continuous supply of fresh, clear, chilled drinking water.

The Aquacool Cooler models offer you the latest in water cooler design, they provide a new sleek style along with total reliability and easy-to use features. The attractive units look good in any environment and you can choose the design that best suits you. All the coolers give you the option to dispense chilled, ambient or even boiling hot water on request.

We provide a full range of accessories including Cups, both plastic and paper cones, Cup holders, Bottle Racks and much, much more, see our full range in our Products section.

Whichever of our products that you choose it can be installed expertly and quickly, usually within days, ready to give you great tasting water straight away.