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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

Water Dispensers for Hospitals and Healthcare facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are places where hygiene is of utmost importance, so it’s no surprise that water dispensers have become an essential part of these environments. Water dispensers provide a convenient way for patients and staff to stay hydrated without worrying about the health risks associated with drinking from public taps. They also help promote better hydration habits in an environment that emphasises hygiene, safety and cleanliness.

At Aquacool, we understand the importance of having an office water dispenser that meets stringent safety guidelines. Our products are designed with safety in mind and come with features such as hands-free operation and efficient water filtration systems.

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Why staying hydrated at the hospital or GP matters

The availability of clean and safe drinking water within healthcare facilities helps promote healthier habits amongst everyone involved, from patients to medical staff.

Here are some reasons why staying hydrated at the hospital or GP matters for patients and healthcare personnel:

Supports medication absorption – Many medications require water to be absorbed properly. If a patient is dehydrated, the medication may not work as effectively, which can delay recovery.

Reduces risk of complications – Dehydration can increase the risk of complications during medical treatment, such as urinary tract infections and blood clots. Staying hydrated can help prevent these complications from occurring.

Supports immune function – Proper hydration supports immune function, which is essential for fighting off infections and illnesses.

Ensures accuracy of medical tests – Some medical tests, such as blood tests, require patients to be properly hydrated for accurate results. 


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Types of water dispensers for hospitals and healthcare environments

Whether you opt for a drinking fountain or water cooler, the choice of quality water dispensers available is vast - and all have their own unique advantages.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers and dispensers are an excellent addition to any healthcare environment, including hospitals, GPs, and other medical facilities. They provide an affordable and convenient alternative to mains fed coolers, making them ideal for smaller healthcare facilities or locations with limited water supply.

Floor-standing models like the Select Plus Bottled Water Cooler are ideal for healthcare facilities. This energy-efficient water cooler features sturdy faucet handles and adjustable cold control, making it easy to use and maintain. It also has an integral cup dispenser, providing hassle-free access to chilled or ambient water. Additionally, its no-spill guard prevents messes and potential slips or falls on hospital floors, making it a safe option for any healthcare environment.


Contactless Mains Fed Water Coolers & Dispensers

Mains fed water coolers, and dispensers are a must-have for any healthcare environment, including hospitals, GPs, and other medical facilities. These water coolers offer a quick and convenient solution for instant access to chilled and filtered water, ensuring that patients and healthcare personnel have access to clean drinking water at all times.

Mains fed water coolers are directly connected to the water supply, providing an endless supply of water without the need for water bottle deliveries. This is particularly beneficial for larger healthcare facilities, as it eliminates the hassle of changing or running out of water bottles.

One flagship product that is perfect for healthcare environments is the Select Plus Contactless Water Cooler. This premium water cooler features a hands-free contactless dispensing system powered by an infrared sensor, which is ideal for minimising the spread of germs and viruses.


Water Fountains & Bottle Fillers

Water fountains and bottle fillers are an excellent way to encourage patients and healthcare personnel to refill their reusable bottles, reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. Additionally, they provide a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure everyone can drink clean water.

The Select Plus Water Fountain has a comfortable drinking height and water flow control, ensuring patients and healthcare personnel can easily access pure water. The foot pedal activation is a hygienic way to control water flow without touching surfaces, reducing germs and viruses spread.


How contactless water dispensers prevent germs from spreading in hospitals

Contactless mains fed water coolers can help reduce the spread of germs and bacterial contamination by allowing patients and healthcare personnel to dispense water without touching the device.

They utilise infrared sensors to detect movement and automatically fill up any container placed beneath them.

The Elite UVC Mains Water Dispenser is ideal for healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and GPs, with an innovative UVC LED filtration system that sanitises the water and eliminates any bacterial contaminants.

This highly effective technology takes health and safety to new levels, ensuring that everyone in the healthcare environment can access clean drinking water without worrying about bacteria or germs on their hands and potentially infecting patients and healthcare personnel.

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Key areas to place water dispensers in hospitals, GPs and other healthcare environments

Placing water dispensers in strategic locations throughout hospitals, GPs, and other healthcare environments is important to ensure that patients and healthcare personnel have access to clean drinking water at all times. Some key areas to consider for water dispenser placement include:

Waiting areas

Placing water dispensers in waiting areas is a great way to provide patients with easy access to drinking water while they wait for appointments or procedures.

Patient rooms

Placing water dispensers in patient rooms is essential for patients who may not be able to leave their rooms or require frequent hydration. This is particularly important for patients who are recovering from surgery or other medical procedures.

Staff areas

Healthcare personnel need to stay hydrated throughout their shifts, so placing water dispensers in staff areas is crucial. This includes break rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where staff can take a quick break and hydrate.

A&E rooms

Time spent in A&E can be stressful and overwhelming for patients and their families. Placing water dispensers in these areas can provide a sense of comfort and convenience during a difficult time.

Go Green in hospitals

Water dispensers are an efficient way to reduce single-use plastic water bottles, helping your facility go green while ensuring everyone has access to clean drinking water. These devices use either a refillable tank or mains-fed connection, eliminating the need for disposable water bottles that can accumulate in landfills over time.

With this choice, you can proudly do your part to ensure the planet’s well-being.

  • Minimise plastic waste
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Conserve energy resources
  • Reduce pollution
  • Support sustainability
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Why invest in water dispensers for healthcare environments

Health and safety

Our water dispensers are backed up with a UVC LED filtration system to sanitise the water and eliminate any bacterial contaminants. This highly effective technology takes health and safety to new levels, ensuring that everyone in the healthcare environment can access clean drinking water without worrying about bacteria or germs on their hands and potentially spreading illnesses.

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Promote healthier hydration habits

Drinking water is essential, especially in healthcare. With easy access to clean drinking water via our water dispensers, you can promote better hydration habits among staff and patients. This will help ensure that everyone remains healthy, energised and alert throughout the day.

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Installing water dispensers throughout the hospital or healthcare environment is a cost-efficient way of providing everyone with access to clean drinking water. With no need for single-use bottled water, you can enjoy maximum savings in the long run.

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Improved patient satisfaction

Easy access to clean and refreshing drinking water can improve patient satisfaction. Patients appreciate having convenient access to water during their stay, especially if they are in the hospital for an extended period. This can positively impact their overall experience and perception of the healthcare facility.



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