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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

Commercial water cooler buying guide: Choose the right water dispenser for your business

Water Cooler Buying Guide

In most offices, hospitals, schools and gyms, you are likely to find a commercial water cooler. Not only is keeping staff, gym-goers and students hydrated great for productivity, or for fueling a sweaty gym session, water is also expected to be provided on-demand, throughout the day. 

So why not quench your customers’ thirst in the gym and keep your staff hydrated at the office with a commercial water cooler? And with a supplier such as Aquacool, you have many to pick from.But how can you decide which commercial water cooler is right for your business? From bottled water coolers with regular bottle deliveries, to straight from the source, mains fed water dispensers, there are a variety of types and models to suit every need. 

Let us run through how you can make a decision on the right commercial water cooler for your business in this article. 


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  1. What are commercial water coolers?
  2. Would your business benefit from a commercial water cooler?
  3. What are the types of commercial water coolers available?
  4. How to choose the right water cooler for your business
  5. What businesses are commercial water coolers good for?
  6. Why should you rent a commercial water dispenser?
  7. Why go with Aquacool for your commercial water cooler?



What are commercial water coolers?

Commercial water coolers are used by businesses to offer quick and easy access to water for their staff, visitors or pupils. Ideal for communal areas, water dispensers can produce not only chilled water, but hot, sparkling and ambient too. And by ambient we mean room temperature water. So there really is something for everyone with a commercial water cooler. 

Not only can employees, students and customers enjoy cold varieties of water, but they even have access to hot water too. Specific hot water only boilers are available for those who are looking for just the boiling variety, or with Aquacool you can even rent a bottled water cooler with an additional hot option as well as the usual cold and ambient. 


Employee using a commercial water cooler


Would your business benefit from a commercial water cooler?

Whether you’re searching for an office water dispenser to fit into a limited space in the break-room, or a sturdy bottle filling station to place in a school corridor, every business can benefit from a great quality hydration point. And as hydration plays an active role in productivity, by adding a commercial water cooler for your employees or students to quench their thirst, they can in turn boost their cognition and mental performance. Leaving you with a more productive workforce, and set of students. For gyms and spas, water is just as important too. Replenishing during a workout, or after a quick trip into the sauna, your customers will benefit massively from a water cooler or bottle filler. 


What types of commercial water coolers are available?

So, what are the types of commercial water coolers that you can utilise to improve your business and ensure that staff, students and visitors are kept well-hydrated?


  • Bottled water dispensers: A commercial bottled water dispenser comes with its own source of bottled water, and as they do not rely on external water intake, they can be moved from place to place easily. With an Aquacool bottled water cooler, you will benefit from mineral rich water from the North of England, no matter where in the country you are based. 
  • Mains fed water dispensers: A commercial mains fed water dispenser sources water from the main supply of your building. With no need for water bottle deliveries, this may be a hassle-free alternative to storing bottles of water on-site at the location of your business. 
  • Countertop water coolers: Pushed for space? Or maybe you have a small corner of a break-room kitchen that needs an extra appliance? A commercial countertop water cooler is the perfect solution for small spaces, and can slot in wherever you desire. 
  • Water fountains and bottle fillers: Commercial water fountains and bottle fillers offer either drinking from the source options or extra space under the nozzle for bottle filling. Ideal for carrying around water all day, or a quick sip when in a rush. 
  • Hot water boilers: An alternative to a kettle, with multiple safety features to keep its users safe, a commercial hot water boiler can provide boiling water on-demand, in no-time at all. Great for commercial kitchens! 


Office worker pouring a glass of water from a commercial water cooler


How to choose the right water cooler for your business

Not every commercial water cooler may be the right fit for your business. From bottle filling stations in gyms, to outdoor water fountains in school yards, at Aquacool we have a whole range of commercial water dispensers to choose from. But how can you decide which one is right for your business? There are a few considerations to take into account, so let us run through them.


What type of water do you need? 

It may be surprising to some that commercial water coolers don’t just offer cold or chilled water. For instance, here at Aquacool, we offer a mixture of four water options in our models:

  • Cold
  • Ambient (Room temperature)
  • Sparkling
  • Hot

Now, you may not want every single variety of water, and you could possibly only need cold water due to already having a kettle or hot water boiler. But if you do decide to go all out and offer all of the water varieties, Aquacool has a variety of models to support your choice. Our bottled water coolers all offer cold, ambient and hot water options, whilst some of our mains fed models can also provide sparkling water as well as cold and ambient. 

Product spotlight: Elite UVC Mains Fed Dispenser, choose from ambient, cold and sparkling water with this ultra hygienic model. 


What capacity is required from your water cooler?

Water cooler capacities will vary from one model and type to the next, so depending on the size of your workforce, school or the amount of people passing through your business on a daily basis, you can decide how much water you are realistically going to use. With Aquacool, you can easily narrow down which commercial water cooler will be able to meet your needs. 

Installing a mains fed water coolers will offer an unlimited supply of water. For instance, the Select Plus Mains Fed Water Cooler is ideal for offices of up to 40 people and has an output of 30 to 40 litres of water an hour. Whereas the Select Plus Bottled Water Cooler provides a smaller, 3 litres an hour which is perfect for those lower traffic areas such as spa treatment rooms. And this option will also have scheduled deliveries to keep you topped up for the coming months. 


How much do you want to spend?

Price. It’s an important factor. How much or little are you willing to splurge on somewhere for your customers, visitors and staff to re-hydrate throughout the day? From renting with weekly payments, to outright buying a commercial water cooler, the costs will vary depending on the model and the features it offers. 

With Aquacool, you can rent a bottled water cooler from as little as £4.99 per week, or a floorstanding mains fed water cooler from £8.99 per week with no bottled water deliveries required. If you’re searching for a high performance commercial water dispenser with all the bells and whistles, you can pay a little bit extra in order to have the best for your business. For instance the Classic Pro UVC Mains Fed Cooler comes equipped with cold, ambient and sparkling water options, as well as an integral cup dispenser and a UVC filtration system. 


What about environmental considerations?

Being environmentally conscious is important, but it may not be something that every business factors into their thought-process when purchasing or renting a water cooler. If you are wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, opting for a fountain or water dispenser that offers a bottle filling option or a hygienic way to drink right from the source is a great environmentally friendly solution. 

But even if you opt for a bottled water cooler from Aquacool you can rest easy knowing that all of the bottles used in our coolers are reused up to 500 times to help cut down on single use plastic. 


Commercial bottle filled water cooler - aquacool

How can you ensure a hygienic water cooler solution?

Keeping your business regulars and staff fit and healthy is a top priority, and with a hygienic water cooler you can do just that. With Aquacool, you can benefit from contactless countertop dispensers, hands free bottle filling stations, as well as UVC LED Filtration systems in some of our mains fed water coolers, ensuring that your water solution is as hygienic as possible. 

Product spotlight: Contactless Bottle Filling Station, complete with an antimicrobial copper surface to reduce bacteria, and available with hands free activation, this commercial water cooler is an ideal hygienic solution. 


Do you need a portable water dispenser?

Do you want a bottled water cooler that you can easily move around the office? Or maybe you require a wall-mounted bottle filling station that is locked in place due to school safety reasons? Either way, this can aid your decision as some commercial water coolers are more portable than others. Aquacool provides both portable non-mains fed water dispensers with their own supply of bottled water, as well as sturdy water fountains that can be attached to the wall such as the Select Plus Water Fountain. And it can even be used outside too. 


Where to install your water cooler

Is your commercial water cooler going in a large workout area? Or maybe a smaller hospital waiting room? Considering where you will be placing your commercial water cooler will guide you in making a decision about the size, type and model of your dispenser. For instance, for limited spaces, Aquacool’s countertop water coolers can provide high-quality hydration but in a smaller product. So that small corner in your office kitchen can be put to good use at last. Or, maybe space isn’t an issue for larger, open plan areas in gyms and spas, so you may want to opt for the best fitting, most hygienic model such as a sleek bottle filling station with a UVC filtration system. 



Is ease of installation a priority?

Want a water cooler fitted within a few hours by a trained professional? Or maybe you want to quickly set it up yourself? There are different levels of installation when it comes to commercial water coolers. Bottled water coolers require minimal setup, making them perfect for quick and hassle-free installation. Mains fed water coolers however, will need to be installed by a professional, and this may take longer. With a supplier such as Aquacool, our team of engineers have it covered, and can install your mains fed water dispenser without any difficulty.  

Product spotlight: Select Plus Bottled Water Cooler, our most popular model is also one of the easiest to install. And with a 20 litre per hour output, what’s not to love? 


What businesses are commercial water coolers good for?

Some sectors will benefit from particular types and models of commercial water coolers, for example a Water Fountain may be perfect for a gym or school, but probably not for inside a hospital. So, which commercial water coolers are best suited to your industry?

Small & large offices

For smaller offices, bottled water coolers are a great addition. With up to 20 litres of water output per hour, no-spill guards, and cold, ambient and hot water options, smaller teams have access to a water dispenser that suits their needs. Larger teams and offices would be better suited to mains fed water coolers, including bottle filling stations and countertop models that offer a constant volume of water to keep staff thoroughly hydrated. 

Commercial water cooler


Hospitals & healthcare providers 

Waiting rooms, staff areas and even operating rooms are often spots that require a commercial water cooler in hospitals and healthcare practices. Affordable bottled water coolers are ideal for waiting rooms in smaller healthcare practices, whilst bigger hospitals may benefit from contactless, ultra-hygienic models such as the Elite UVC Mains Fed Cooler. Aquacool has a wide range of contactless and touchless models fitted with UVC filtration systems, so healthcare facilities can rest easy knowing that patients and staff are protected.


Gyms & spas

Keeping hydrated in the gym and whilst relaxing in a spa is essential to the fitness and wellness experience. And that means installing water points in gyms and spas is of the utmost importance. Workout areas may benefit mostly from bottle fillers, allowing gym-goers to carry a bottle rather than regularly re-filling a small cup. In spas, bottled water coolers or mains fed dispensers are both a great choice. For example, Aquacool’s integral cup dispenser on models such as the Classic Pro Mains Fed Cooler is ideal for a quick refresh between spa treatments. 

Schools & universities

Whether you’re in need of an outdoor or indoor hydration solution, Aquacool has several models appropriate for schools and university campuses. Durable water fountains are great for outdoor spaces and can withstand the UK weather changes. Commercial water coolers such as Aquacool’s mains fed models are ideal for seminar rooms, school corridors or libraries. For increased safety, our Contactless Bottle Filling Station is wall-mounted and is a hygienic, secure water point. 

Types of water coolers


Government offices

High traffic hallways and communal reception areas benefit from commercial water dispensers with high capacities. The mains fed Classic Pro UVC can constantly dispense cold, ambient and sparkling water, ideal for busy government offices. For quieter conference and meeting rooms, a Countertop Worktop Dispenser or a bottled water cooler may be a more appropriate choice. 


Why should you rent a commercial water dispenser?

Renting a commercial water cooler instead of purchasing one outright offers businesses a number of benefits. What are the benefits you may be asking? Let us run through a few:

  • Little to no upfront costs: Renting a water cooler often requires no upfront costs, which is a great option for those operating on a budget. With Aquacool, you can rent a bottled water cooler from as little as £4.99 per week — with no scary extra charges for things like maintenance. 
  • Fixed weekly or monthly fees: Budgeting and managing expenses becomes a lot easier with the fixed costs that come with renting a commercial water cooler. You can be sure of your outgoings when renting with Aquacool. 
  • Regular maintenance check-ups: Renting a water dispenser means that your business is not responsible for the maintenance and upkeep. So you can benefit from regular water cooler servicing without paying any more than your weekly or monthly fee.
  • Upgrading or downgrading models: Throughout your time renting a water cooler, your needs might change. Whether your staff expands, you move to a smaller office, or are simply wanting to trial another model, it’s easy when renting. Swap between models with ease when renting a commercial water dispenser. 

If you’re weighing up whether to buy outright or rent, check out our ‘Water Cooler Rental vs Purchase’ guide for more information.


Why go with Aquacool for your commercial water cooler?

With Aquacool as your commercial water cooler supplier you can be sure that you are renting, or buying outright, from a reliable source. And as we provide regular maintenance check-ups with our rentals, you won’t need to worry about doing any of the legwork yourself. And if anything goes wrong in the meantime, we will be there to help. 

Why not take a look at our range of commercial water coolers? There is sure to be one to suit the needs of your business. Or contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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Commercial water cooler buying guide: Choose the right water dispenser for your business

Why not quench your customers' thirst in the gym and keep your staff hydrated at the office with a commercial water cooler? Let us run through how you can make a decision on the right commercial water cooler for your business in this article. 

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