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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

The types of commercial water coolers 

Types of water coolers

Finding the right type of water cooler is essential when it comes to buying or renting one for your business. Bottled water dispensers and mains fed water coolers may be two terms that you have heard on your search for your new hydration solution. But what are they? And what can you expect from the different models that sit within these types?

Here at Aquacool we have many different commercial water coolers, so in this article we’re going to run through each of our models and how they fit into the two types of dispensers on the market today. But if you’re still brushing up on your water dispenser knowledge, check out our article ‘What is a commercial water cooler? How do they work?’ first. 


What are the different types of water coolers?

There are two main types of commercial water coolers: bottled and mains fed. And both come with their own unique features and functionalities, as well as the ability to produce different water temperatures and variations.


Bottled water dispensers

Bottled water dispensers come with their own supply of bottled water that is attached to the cooler, and can be detached once empty. Most bottled water coolers are top-loading, which means a bottle is attached to the top, however one of Aquacool’s models is actually bottom-loading which means that the bottle is tucked away inside the model’s casing. If you are environmentally conscious, and are worried about the use of plastic bottles, with Aquacool all of our bottles are reused up to 500 times in order to cut down on our plastic waste. With three different bottled water cooler dispenser models, you can decide which one is right for your needs.

Select plus bottled water cooler


Select Plus Bottled Water Cooler: 

With a sleek design in scratch proof ivory, our most popular floor standing model can provide cold and ambient or cold and hot water options. It is economical, with low running costs and energy star rated. It boasts of features such as a no-spill spill stopping guard and adjustable cold control. It also has an optional integral cup dispenser for those who need a quick refresh.

Water performance: 20 litres an hour

Where can it be used? Busy communal spaces in offices, meeting rooms, school areas such as libraries and more. 


Elite bottled water dispenser



Elite Bottled Water Dispenser:

Stainless-look accents, a matte black finish and a sliding front door, complete with a LED night light, this floor standing bottled water dispenser is a sleek addition to any communal area. As this model is bottom loading, your plastic water bottle is safely tucked away and out of sight. Handily, there is a replace bottle indicator to let you know when it’s time for a refill. With this model you have access to cold and hot or cold and ambient water options. The high dispense point makes it ideal for water bottle and coffee pot filling. 

Where can it be used? Any lower traffic communal areas in offices, spas or smaller hospital practices. A great alternative to a kettle with the boiling water functionality. 


Select bottled water cooler

Select Bottled Water Cooler: 

Available in both white and black, this bottled water cooler has a smooth, easy-to-clean finish which is perfect for busy spaces. The push-tap activation means that it is easy to access your chosen selection of either cold and ambient or cold and hot water. The removable reservoir and drip tray, combined with the DryGuard™ no-spill system, eliminates the possibility for leaks. And for those quiet spaces, the noise dampening technology in this model makes it the perfect addition. You can also opt for countertop or freestanding, whichever best suits your space.  

Water performance: Chilled: 3 litres per hour, Hot: 4.5 litres per hour

Where can it be used? For modern offices, with an ideal placement in break rooms or kitchens. 


Mains fed water dispensers 

Mains fed water coolers can come in both floorstanding and countertop models, and they take their supply of water directly from the building that they are plumbed into. So instead of coming with their own water supply like a bottled cooler, they rely on this to provide water to businesses. In the next two sections we will walk you through Aquacool’s floorstanding and countertop models so that you can find the right fit for your business.


Floor standing mains fed coolers

Floor standing mains fed coolers are a popular choice for those wanting a more permanent, plumbed-in alternative to a bottled water cooler. With chilled, ambient and sparkling water on offer, Aquacool’s range of slim dispensers are ideal for any space whether that is an office, spa, gym or hospital. So, let us run through our four models of floorstanding mains fed coolers.


Select plus mains fed cooler

Select Plus Mains Fed Dispenser:

This slim floor standing model with a single dispensing button is a stylish yet robust addition to any workplace, gym or communal space. Using the infrared sensor, you can easily dispense either cold or ambient water, and with the large dispensing height you can fill a water bottle with no issue at all. The leak detection feature also ensures that there will be no spills in the surrounding area. You can even upgrade your model and add on inbuilt drainage or a hands free contactless dispense system. This model is also available as in a tabletop format too. 

Water performance: 30–40 litres per hour

Where can it be used? Ideal for office kitchens and break rooms, or in the gym. Suitable for offices of up to 40 people.


Elite UVC mains fed dispenser

Elite UVC Mains Fed Dispenser:

Modern and stylish, with stylish chrome accents, this elegant mains fed cooler suits any aesthetic so you don’t have to worry about it being out of place in your interior. Complete with UVC LED filtration, your employees, customers and visitors can re-hydrate at a hygiene conscious water station. And for added protection, you can opt for contactless dispensing too. With ambient, cold and sparkling water on offer, your business will be spoilt for choice. This model is also available as a countertop water dispenser. 

Water performance: Supplies 30 litres per hour of chilled/ambient water and chilled sparkling water.

Where can it be used? Gyms, spas and hospitals as well as offices searching for an aesthetic mains water dispenser.  


Classic pro UVC mains fed dispenser

Classic Pro UVC Mains Fed Dispenser:

With a constant output of cold, ambient or sparkling water, this elegant floorstanding mains fed dispenser is great for refilling sports bottles for hydration throughout the day. The integral cup dispenser makes it perfect for quick drinks as well, so your staff, customers or guests can stay refreshed for longer. 

Where can it be used? Suitable for receptions, offices and gyms with the bottle filling ability for constant hydration.


Select mains fed cooler

Select Mains Cooler:

A stylish and modern mains fed dispenser with a slim and sleek design that is ideal for small spaces. With ambient and cold water options, this floorstanding model has push taps for easy, minimal contact water dispensing. The low running costs make it an economical choice for any business, and the no-spill guard prevents leaks or damages to surrounding areas. 

Where can it be used? Perfect for offices or areas with limited space that require a mains fed water cooler. 


Countertop mains fed coolers

Countertop water dispensers are also mains fed, and are a perfect addition to a kitchen or break room. Here at Aquacool we have a variety of models on offer in a range of styles, colours, and with some amazing features. Our countertop mains fed coolers can provide cold, ambient and sparkling water depending on the model of your choice, so let’s take a look at them. 


Select pro countertop water dispenser


Select Pro Black/White Worktop Dispenser:

Available in black or white, this countertop mains fed cooler is compact yet stylish and slots perfectly into kitchens, break rooms or elsewhere. Allow your workers or visitors to dispense ambient or cold water using large, isolated touch buttons. And for added protection against bacteria, this model is also available completely contactless. Perfect for filling small cups or large bottles, this slim worktop dispenser is a great addition to any environment.

Where can it be used? Perfect for any kitchen environment. Suitable for offices of up to 40 people.


Elite UVC countertop cooler

Elite UVC Countertop Water Cooler:

Elegant, compact and stylish with chrome accents, who said water coolers can’t be aesthetic? This worktop dispenser comes equipped with UVC LED filtration to ensure that the water at your workplace is completely germ-free. The auto-lit dispensing area allows users to fill their cups or bottles with ambient, cold or sparkling water. This high performance countertop model can also be provided as floorstanding, and with a contactless dispense system to suit your business’ needs.  

Water performance: 30 litres of chilled/ambient water and chilled sparkling water per hour. 

Where can it be used? With its slim desktop it can fit into any environment, such as an office or staff break room.


Drinking fountains and bottle fillers

Drinking water fountains and bottle fillers also operate as mains fed dispensers, taking their water supply straight from the building they are installed into. These models are extremely durable and can even be used in outdoor communal or public spaces. Drinking fountains and bottle fillers are a great addition to the likes of schools and gyms, and provide a hygienic water dispensing method for students, staff and gym-goers. 


Drinking water fountain

Select Plus Water Fountain:

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this robust and weather-proof stainless steel water fountain is our most popular model. With foot pedal activation, users can easily fill up large bottles with this contactless dispense method. You can also attach it to a wall with an additional bracket for extra security in high traffic areas. 

Where can it be used? Indoor and outdoor usage. Ideal for school yards or internal gym workout spaces. 


Contactless bottle filling station

Contactless Bottle Filling Station:

Wall mounted with a stainless steel finish, this heavy duty bottle filling station is ideal for high traffic areas indoor or outdoor. Vandal resistant and eco-friendly, encourage water bottle refilling by installing this model in public communal spaces. With contactless dispensing and an antimicrobial copper surface, bacteria reduction is not a problem for this bottle filling station making it an ideal hygienic water solution. 

Where can it be used? Ideal for any public areas that require high usage, such as schools, gyms and leisure centres.


Select Auto Bottle Filler:

With a large dispense height, this robust, heavy duty wall mounted bottle filling station can easily fill large sports bottles. The back lit bottle counter is completely contactless and dispenses water using an infrared system, so that no buttons need to be touched. UVC LED filtration is also used to further protect users when dispensing water. 

Reusing bottles is great for the environment and if you’re curious about the eco-friendly nature of this model, there is a display that counts the number of bottles refilled and shows how many have been saved from landfill.  

Where can it be used? Indoor and outdoor use – great for schools, gyms, offices, and public spaces.


Font Filler Drinking Water Fountain:

A classic model, this wall mounted drinking water fountain is made of high grade stainless steel and offers both contactless and non-contactless dispensing options. Whilst users can easily drink right from the source, the bottle filling option also offers a way to carry around water all day in a reusable bottle. This cost effective and touch water fountain is a great way to provide your business with chilled or ambient water.  

Where can it be used? Perfect for schools, institutions and public access spaces.


Hot water boilers

Commercial hot water boilers provide on-demand boiling water for businesses. Whether it’s a hot drink such as tea or instant coffee, or a food item like an on-the-go porridge pot, there is no need to wait for a kettle to boil with this model. And for larger kitchens who cater to school students, or hospital patients and visitors, Aquacool’s hot water boiler models can provide a high output of boiling water for busy everyday needs. 


Hot water boiler

Hot Water Boiler 1500C:

Compact and reliable, this boiler offers a 98°C temperature which is ideal for hot drinks and food items. For all of your hot water needs, this mirror-finished, stainless steel model is energy efficient and is equipped with a drip tray to avoid overflow. 

Water performance: 27 litres per hour

Where can it be used? Designed for high-volume environments. Ideal for catering establishments in hospitals and schools or office kitchens. 


Countertop Hot Water Boiler 1000C:

This stainless steel, compact countertop hot water boiler keeps a temperature of 96°C. Due to its space saving design, it’s perfect for areas with less worktop availability. It is well insulated for minimal heat loss and to boost energy efficiency, not to mention it is also easy to clean. And the drip tray prevents hot water spills and damage. 

Water performance: 28 litres per hour

Where can it be used? Ideal for small to medium-sized catering establishments, office and school kitchens with countertop space.


Wall mounted hot water boiler

Wall Mounted Hot Water Boiler 5C:

Stylish and wall mounted, this stainless steel hot water boiler provides quality and reliability on a budget. With insulation to prevent heat loss, with this durable boiler you can be sure that all of your hot water needs are met. 

Water performance: 27 litres per hour

Where can it be used? Small establishments such as office kitchens that require a wall mounted hot water boiler on a budget. 


Where to buy or rent a water cooler?

Aquacool offers water cooler weekly rentals from as little as £4.99 on bottled water dispensers and £8.99 on mains fed floor standing coolers. Or, you can buy our models outright and own them for yourself. With a rented model however, we will be responsible for handling all maintenance issues, and we will also carry out regular check ups to make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Hydrate your employees, students, visitors and patients today with an Aquacool commercial water cooler. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote. Looking for more information? Check out our ‘Water cooler buying guide’ to locate your perfect hydration solution.  

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The types of commercial water coolers 

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