Bottled Water Coolers & Dispensers

A bottled water cooler is a very welcome addition for offices, as hydration is linked to many aspects of human health, wellbeing and performance.

Bottled water dispensers ensure that there is always a source of readily available, great-tasting cool water, to keep staff content and fully hydrated at all times.

Aquacool’s Bottled Water Coolers and dispensers are a huge upgrade for any office, and (contrary to popular perception) they are eco-friendly as sustainable bottled water coolers can be reused many, many times. Modern dispensers consume less energy too, adding to their environmental credentials. For business seeking a quick, hassle-free alternative, we also offer renting services of our water dispensers.

Amongst our range of bottled water coolers, the contactless classic bottled cooler makes for a great all-round choice for the post-pandemic world. With a foot pedal operation unit, it eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria via touching surfaces and is an affordable solution for any business environment.

We can fully adapt our services and products to suit your needs. Our bottled water dispenser crew will install your chosen dispenser wherever you wish, and we’ll take care of maintenance, filter changes, bottle transfer, and hygiene for you.

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