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Air Purifiers – How Can They Help You?

When it comes to air purifiers, people generally have an idea of what their functionality is but don’t really know the difference between the various air purifiers that are currently on the market. Will your £100 purifier from Amazon do the job as well as one costing in to the hundreds from an online company? Whilst the cheaper ones online do a job, their functionality and benefits are limited.

Here we look in to the benefits of investing in a Medical Grade air purifiers!

  1. Medical grade air purifiers have HEPA filters and are able to kill airborne bacteria and viruses as well as capture them! Ensuring you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to air quality.
  2. Not only do our medical grade air purifiers capture and kill bacteria and viruses, they are also able to suppress bacterial reproduction – resulting in a safer environment all round.
  3. Higher quality air purifiers means better quality technology. Our air purifiers are able to show you the quality of the air around you within minutes of being switched on, and are able to clean the room of any contaminants just as fast.
  4. Improved technology also means that you can set your air purifier on a timer, so that it can be turned on in advance, meaning you are breathing clean air from the moment you enter.
  5. With medical grade air purifiers, you get the benefit of a 4 stage filtration system – this starts with a Pre Filter to trap larger particles, followed by a Carbon filter to remove odours and formaldehyde. The next stage is to pass through an Anti Allergy filter – this hosts the anti bacterial function, suppressing reproduction – and finally moving on to the HEPA 13 filter. The HEPA 13 filter traps 99.9% of microscopic particles, including smoke, allergens such as pollen and mould spores.


There really is no comparison when it comes to choosing between a medical grade air purifier vs non medical grade air purifier. When it comes to air quality, it’s imperative that you opt for the best possible way to protect your health. Whilst this can mean a larger financial investment, it’s important to explore all options – at Aquacool we offer competitive rental plans making clean air affordable to everyone and tailor plans to suit every budget.



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