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Niagara Under Counter


  • Available in chilled and ambient
  • Super small attractive unit, Robust, hardwearing and solid
  • Dispenses large amounts of great tasting drinking water
  • Models offering 55, 65, 120 and 180 litres of drinking water per hour
  • Sparkling water option available
  • Safety Valve to protect against leakages
  • A great range of Taps are available to choose from to meet all demands
  • Ice Bank Cooling System

Niagara under counter drinking water solution

The Niagara Under Counter model offers a great space saving option, and can be installed beneath bar counters, kitchen cabinets or in remote corners. It can be completed with a wide range of ergonomic taps. High-tech solutions ensure that the water dispensed is always chilled and/or sparkling, even when the cooler is installed remotely.

Dimensions (cm)

Depths of 42, 48 and 53 x 35W x 50H

Electric Control Option

Allowing the user to set the quantity of water supplied automatically through flow meter controlled dosing as well as the temperature of the ice bank between 3 and 10 degrees celcius.

Cu+SAFEPATH Fully Patented System

Guarantees the bacterial immunity of the dispenser, which is then no longer subject to contamination or a source of bacterial proliferation. The efficacy provided is continuous and constant throughout the coolers life with no need for maintenance.

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