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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

Mould spores

What Happens If There’s Mould on Your Water Dispenser?

Water dispensers are a common fixture in offices and homes alike. These machines provide a convenient and accessible source of filtered drinking water for everyone. However, something that often gets overlooked when it comes to water dispensers is the potential for mould growth. Mould on a water dispenser can be harmful to the health of … Continued

woman making filter coffee

Bean to Cup vs Filter Coffee Machines: Which Is Right for Your Office?

Ah, coffee – the nectar of the gods, the start of every workday, and the fuel that keeps everyone going through those endless meetings (can you tell that we’re caffeine addicts?). While coffee shops are great, most businesses still have their coffee makers, and office coffee runs are still a thing. If you’re looking to … Continued

Electric plug socket being witched on

Can you use a water cooler without electricity?

Water coolers are a common fixture in homes and offices around the world. They provide easy access to cold, clean drinking water on a hot summer day or after a long workout. However, many people believe that water coolers require electricity to operate, which raises the question: can you use a water cooler without electricity? … Continued

best office coffee machines

The Best Office Coffee Machines for Your Workplace

Coffee is an essential part of many workplaces. It boosts productivity and morale, and promotes a positive office culture. Choosing the right coffee machine can make a significant difference in how your employees perceive the workplace. In this article, we will go through the different types of office coffee machines, discuss factors to consider when … Continued

Water cooler that has the benefit of hot and cold options

Comparing the Benefits of a Water Cooler vs an Instant Tap

When it comes to ensuring a supply of cool and refreshing drinking water, businesses and homes have the option to choose between water coolers and instant taps. Each of these choices offers distinct benefits, but the ultimate decision depends on personal preferences and specific requirements. This article aims to compare the advantages of water coolers … Continued

Hand holding a glass and filling water via a water cooler

Comparing Water Cooler, Water Filter, and Water Tap: Which Is Best for You?

Navigating through the diverse array of drinking water options can often leave one with a challenge. The market is brimming with alternatives, including water coolers, water filters, and water taps, all with their unique benefits. Determining the right fit for your needs may seem challenging. This article aims to comprehensively compare water coolers, water filters, … Continued

coffee machines on kitchen worktop with mug

Calling All Coffee Lovers!

With temperatures plummeting again, if you’re anything like the Aquacool offices, you’ll be reaching for your hot drinks to make the days more bearable! Our coffee breaks are something to look forward to on busy office days and having a great tasting cup of coffee really is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The one thing … Continued

Have You Got Coffee Covered?

When it comes to making the workplace run more efficiently, saving time and providing a cost efficient answer to your coffee needs, you don’t need to look any further than our range of coffee machines. We have a variety of coffee machines to cater for every budget – a lower priced, more basic coffee machine … Continued

Air Purifiers – How Can They Help You?

When it comes to air purifiers, people generally have an idea of what their functionality is but don’t really know the difference between the various air purifiers that are currently on the market. Will your £100 purifier from Amazon do the job as well as one costing in to the hundreds from an online company? … Continued

Coffee and Reasons To Keep On Drinking!

  When it comes to drinking coffee, the camp can be somewhat divided. Whilst the majority of us can’t think about starting our day without the good stuff, others believe it’s better for us not to indulge and that it can negatively impact our health. Here are 5 of our favourite reasons to start your … Continued