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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

Mains Cooler Or Bottled Water Cooler – Which is King?

We often get asked which water cooler is the best option to go for.. the mains cooler that means you never have to worry about making sure you order refills, or the bottled water cooler which means you have your watercooler wherever you want it.


Key benefits of a mains cooler for your workplace:

  1. They’re fitted directly in to your water supply and unlike bottled coolers, you can have countertop coolers that slot on to your kitchen surface (they need to be installed by your water system), or even taller freestanding coolers if you’ve got more space.
  2. A huge benefit of using a bottled cooler is that you save space. There’s no thinking about storage for water bottles which in turn leads to a reduce use of plastic. An environmental win is always a good thing!
  3. You don’t have to worry about ordering your water – as it’s coming from your mains supply, it’s quite literally always on tap, and filtered.
  4. Although fitting a mains cooler isn’t as easy for you to install, it is easy for our engineers! A quick and simple process for the professional, meaning it can be installed with minimal disruption.
  5. More temperature options – with a mains cooler, you don’t just have to have cold water! Depending on the cooler, you can have cold, ambient, sparkling or hot water at the touch of a button.


Key benefits of using a Bottled Water Cooler:


  1. All of our bottled water is bottled at source from a local Spring, where it is then filtered and stringently tested so you’re drink natural, delicious tasting, good quality water with every glass.
  2. Easy delivery – you can add yourself to one of our routes, meaning you’ll get your water replenished regularly, or order as and when you need it. At Aquacool, we provide same or next day delivery on the majority of our water orders, so you don’t need to worry about those weeks when you forget until the last minute!
  3. They’re portable! With a Bottled Cooler, you can move them around if you decide you think it would be best in another location. It really is as simple as plug in and go!
  4. They’re easy to maintain – just pop on another bottle and go. If you need a sanitation of your cooler, one of our office will be in touch every 6 months to schedule an engineer to come in and sort this for you. Hassle free maintenance!
  5. Recycled bottles – whilst using a bottled cooler does mean that you’re using more plastic, all of our bottles our 100% recyclable, meaning we don’t send anything to landfill.


There really are great advantages to both, it’s about finding what’s right for you. Our team are always on hand to give you the best advice and help work out which cooler meets your demands. Get in touch today and make the most out of your water needs!

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