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Calling All Coffee Lovers!

coffee machines on kitchen worktop with mug

With temperatures plummeting again, if you’re anything like the Aquacool offices, you’ll be reaching for your hot drinks to make the days more bearable! Our coffee breaks are something to look forward to on busy office days and having a great tasting cup of coffee really is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The one thing we’re always short on? Time! Being able to get your favourite drink without having to head out in to the cold and waste time queuing is even better.

At Aquacool we offer a range of bean-to-cup coffee machines to suit every requirement! Tea lover? Our machines have hot water spouts. More of a creamy hot chocolate fan? Why not indulge in a delicious Galaxy hot chocolate for the perfect mid morning treat! As for coffee, every variation you want is possible. From flat whites to double espressos, shots of caramel to Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you can indulge in whatever makes you happiest. All of our machines have the option of adding a contactless payment system to the side, meaning you can operate a pay as you use system or treat the team!

Benefits of having a coffee machine in the office:

  • It stimulates productivity

Coffee is a stimulant that helps keep drinkers awake and alert throughout the day, improving both creativity and productivity. It’s also proven that regular breaks throughout the day can vastly improve productivity.

  • Improved memory

Drinking coffee regularly has been linked to improved short term and long term memory! A sharper memory makes for a better performance in the workplace.

  • Reduces stress

Moderates amount of coffee consumption has also been linked to reduced stress levels. Caffeine has been shown to block the receptors in the brain that release the stress causing chemical adenosine, which can only be a good thing!

  • It saves time

Having access to authentic, great tasting Italian coffee at all times of the day means it leaves you with more time to get the important tasks done. No coffee runs, no mounting expenses, no queuing. Just head to the kitchen, make your drink of choice and get on with your day!

  • It creates a positive environment

A lot like a water cooler, having a coffee machine in the office creates a social hub and a place for colleagues to have a quick reprieve from the tasks of the day. Social interaction is a proven mood booster and can a quick chat by the coffee machine can give people a boost heading in to their next task.

There really is no downside to having a coffee machine in the workplace. It’s fast, easy, convenient and cost effective, and an easy way to improve the workday for your team!

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