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Reduce your plastic waste by choosing a water dispenser

3 Benefits Of A Water Cooler


Water is essential and having a water cooler is a basic must have accessory in any workplace, gymnasium, school and more. Water also comes from the foods that you eat but that accounts for only about 20% of the water you need to perform optimally. Having a water cooler in place, and therefore tasty, fresh drinking water available at all times, makes a real difference.

Here are just 3 benefits of having a water cooler:

  1. Reduces dehydration-related illnesses

Dehydration is a common problem in the UK. Most people don’t drink enough water and this causes health conditions such as high cholesterol, weight gain, skin disorders, constipation, asthma, tiredness and high blood pressure.

These problems can interfere with normal life and make you feel under the weather without you even realising what the cause is! Having a water cooler naturally encourages you to drink more throughout the day, making you feel healthier and keeping your body working optimally without much thought.

  1. Makes employees more productive

Fatigue, headaches and anxiety are common issues in the workplace. You may not know it, but dehydration triggers these conditions in most cases. As a result, this means that work performance can drastically suffer and productivity to plummet.

Having fresh, filtered water available at all times has been proven to increase performance and productivity – keeping topped up can also keep that mid afternoon slump at bay. Research shows that water can also improve brain function and boost your mood. It’s a win for everybody!

  1. Hot, Cold & Sparkling water available all day long

If you’re opting for a mains cooler, it isn’t just a simple cold or ambient water offering available! If you go for a Hydro Tap, you could have access to hot and sparkling water on tap all day long. Available simply at the push of a button! Making coffee breaks easier and water breaks more exciting.


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