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Have You Got Coffee Covered?

When it comes to making the workplace run more efficiently, saving time and providing a cost efficient answer to your coffee needs, you don’t need to look any further than our range of coffee machines.
We have a variety of coffee machines to cater for every budget – a lower priced, more basic coffee machine to a mid range option and a high end option. Each option is a top quality machine providing great tasting, fresh coffee. All of these ranges also give you the option of having a fresh milk coffee machine or a powdered milk machine, so it really is about what is most suitable to your needs.

With our machines offering up to 37 product variations, as well as hot chocolate offering and hot water function – everyone in the office will be able to enjoy the drinks that they love at the touch of a button! Making those coffee breaks more productive and saving you thousands of pounds across the year making quality coffee inhouse, instead of racking up the expenses in the local coffee shops.

Benefits of having a top quality coffee machine in your office:

– Increases Energy Levels – thus making staff more alert and energised to take on the day’s tasks. Ideal for those mid afternoon slumps!
– Reduces Stress – Research has proven that caffeine reduces stress levels and stress related behaviour.
– Boosts Workplace Morale – Providing high quality coffee in the office makes staff happier! It gives them a chance to interact with colleagues throughout the day and best of all, makes them feel appreciated.
– It Saves Time – Having a coffee machine that’s able to provide your team with their coffee drink of choice means that they don’t have to take time out to go to the local coffee shop, meaning your employees can focus on their workload.
– Stimulates Productivity – Coffee is a stimulant and helps to keep employees more alert and focussed throughout the day. Regular breaks are also proven to increase productivity, so having a coffee machine on hand is the perfect excuse for a screen break!
– Enhanced Creativity – Coffee stimulates your brain and makes you more alert, thus stimulating creative ideas and thoughts, and helping you to think outside the box!

To find out more about our impressive range, speak to one of our team and they can talk you through your needs and send you one of our brochures!

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