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Air Purifiers and What They Can Do for You

Air Purifiers are becoming increasingly popular over recent years, mainly due to their ability to remove harmful toxins in the air around you and create a safer environment both at work and at home. Investing in an air purifier is a sensible, health conscious decision but does involve a lot of consideration as there are so many on the market. Factors to be considered are whether there are particular toxins you’re looking to remove – HEPA filters for example, rid the air of bacteria & viruses due to their ability to remove particles as small as 0.1 microns. Other factors include the size of the room that you’re looking to clean as well as the financial consideration – although choosing the right company means that this factor can be removed altogether.


The most efficient air purifiers will have the ability to remove:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Odour
  • Smoke
  • Mould
  • Allergens (Including Pollen)
  • Dust
  • Pet Dander
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds found in many household cleaning products, paint etc, that have the potential to be harmful to your health)


By using an air purifier, you can drastically reduce the risk of viruses being spread through the air; remove bacteria – as well as suppressing bacterial reproduction; eliminate pollen from the air meaning that Hay Fever sufferers can relax knowing their trigger has been removed; remove odours meaning that any unpleasant, unwanted smells won’t be lingering around. They create an air space that is more pleasant to be in, that feels clean to those that inhibit the room, whilst working silently in the background and not causing noise level disruption. Studies have actually shown that by using an air purifier you can reduce workplace absenteeism by up to 85% – as well as boosting productivity!


If the cost is something that concerns you, at Aquacool we have plenty of plans in place to suit all needs. Whether you’re interested in full purchase, or would prefer to spread the cost with one of our budget friendly rental plans, we can tailor your investment to suit you. Our air purifiers are also available for short and long term hire – perfect for those hosting events but keeping safety at the forefront of their mind.


If you’d like to have a look further, why not head to our Air Purifier section and find out more?

Air Purification For The Workplace – Aquacool

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