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The Cost of Coffee: How Much Do Commercial Coffee Machines Really Cost?

Commercial coffee machine dispensing coffee in to a cup

As an office worker or manager, you know how important caffeine is to keep the gears turning throughout the day. Whether it’s for a quick pick-me-up in the morning or a mid-afternoon boost to power through a project, coffee is essential in the workplace. But have you ever wondered about the cost of your office coffee machines? If you’re looking to invest in a new commercial coffee machine, it can be challenging to know how much you should be budgeting. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the various factors that influence the cost of commercial coffee machines, helping you to make an informed decision.


Type of Machine:

The cost of a commercial coffee machine will vary greatly depending on the type of machine you choose. Typically, there are three main categories of coffee machines: traditional, automatic, and semi-automatic. Traditional machines are the most expensive, coming in at around £1,500-£5,000. Automatic machines are the mid-range option, costing around £1,000-£3,000. Semi-automatic machines are the cheapest, usually ranging from £500-£1,500.

Traditional coffee machines

Traditional coffee machines are often found in speciality coffee shops, where skilled baristas can showcase their expertise in crafting espresso-based beverages and are therefore rarely found in office environments.

Semi-automatic coffee machines

Semi-automatic machines offer the advantage of allowing users to have control over the brewing process, which can be appealing to coffee enthusiasts or individuals who prefer a personalised coffee experience. In an office setting, having a semi-automatic coffee machine can allow employees to experiment with different variables, such as grind size and extraction time, to customise their coffee to their liking. However, the likelihood of a typical office worker having the time to learn such skills is unlikely, with most prioritising convenience over taste due to busy working schedules.

Automatic coffee machines

The main difference between automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines lies in the level of control and convenience they offer to the user.

Automatic coffee machines are often considered a great fit for office environments due to their convenience, ease of use, and consistent results. They usually have built-in timers and sensors that control the water temperature, extraction time, and water flow, ensuring a consistent and optimised brew every time, making them more suitable for busy environments where consistency and speed are important.



Another factor that will impact the cost of your commercial coffee machine is its capacity. If you work in a small office with only a handful of employees, a smaller machine such as the Jura WE8 might suffice, potentially reducing your costs. However, larger offices with more significant numbers of employees will require a machine with a more extensive capacity, which can increase the cost. A coffee machine like the Vitro X1 provides a wide selection of coffee options with a user-friendly touch screen, so it’s quick and easy for employees to grab a drink on the go.  


Brand and Quality:

The quality and brand of your coffee machine can also play a role in its overall cost. Leading brands like Jura and Franke tend to be more expensive, as they offer premium features and functionalities designed for larger offices. However, there are plenty of other alternative options that are budget-friendly without sacrificing quality. It’s essential to do your research to find a machine that meets your budget without compromising on flavour and quality.


Maintenance and Service:

Finally, the cost of maintaining your commercial coffee machine over time is another consideration to keep in mind. While a cheaper machine may seem more attractive at first, it might require more maintenance and repairs, which can add up in costs. Investing in a higher-end machine initially may save you money in the long term regarding repairs and maintenance.


Leasing and Financing:

Leasing and financing options are becoming more common for commercial coffee machines and provide more flexibility when it comes to paying for your device. These options generally come with lower up-front costs and allow you to spread out payments over a more extended period, making it easier to manage your budget.

When leasing a commercial coffee machine with us here at Aquacool, you can be confident that you are not only getting one of the best deal’s around but that all of your servicing and maintenance will be taken care of. 


Final thoughts:

While the cost of commercial coffee machines can vary significantly based on various factors, it’s essential to remember that investing in a quality coffee machine can have long-term benefits for your team. Careful consideration of factors such as type, capacity, brand, quality, and maintenance can help you find the right coffee machine that fits your budget and fulfils your team’s needs. Whether you decide to purchase, lease, or finance your machine, the investment in a quality coffee experience is an investment in the productivity and happiness of your team.

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